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Pastor seeks to stop use of Bible in taking oaths

A pastor has moved to court to seek for an order that will stop the use of the Bible in swearing public officials into office.

Mr David Gitahi, 50 claims it is against Biblical teachings to take an oath of office using the Holy book.

The pastor, quoting various scriptures from the Bible, told Justice David Majanja that some of the problems in the country are as a result of swearing leaders with the Bible.

“This is a new time of leadership and governance and for the fulfillment of the will of God. He has sent me with spiritual matters affecting our country,” said Mr Gitahi in his suit papers.

Mr Gitahi, who lives in Kahawa West, argued that spiritual problems cannot be identified by academic qualifications or level of authority but by the servants of God to who they may be revealed to.

The pastor  has filed the suit in person.

Clad in a grey stripped suit and a blue shirt, the petitioner argued his case in less than 20 minutes.

Many litigants who were following other matters expressed surprise at the nature of Mr Gitahi case.

The Attorney General Githu Muigai, who has been sued by the pastor, said there will be a huge uproar especially from Christians if the option to swear using the Bible is removed.

“There is value in keeping time honoured traditions, they are part of our heritage. The Bible is the symbol of truth and law,” read part of submissions filed.

The AG further argued that the use of the Bible in swearing state officers does not violate the constitution.

In his written submissions, the AG said the preamble of the constitution is clear that Kenyans acknowledge the supremacy of God.

He said the petitioner’s interpretation of the Bible is self-serving and meant to mislead the court.

The AG urged the court not to grant the orders being sought by the pastor saying the petition lacks merit.

Mr Majanja will deliver his ruling on Wednesday.