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Pastor warns Bahati, Khaligraph against wearing priestly gowns in their videos

Pastor Godfrey Migwi of House of Hope Church has called out gospel-turned-secular musician Bahati and rapper Khaligraph Jones for using priestly gowns in videos of their songs.

The pastor, who is famous for preaching to former sex workers and ‘reformed’ gang members, asked the two artistes to repent or risk incurring curses for their transgressions.

“Woe unto you and your generations to come after you Bahati and the one I heard he’s called kaligraph (sic) Jones, wearing Bishops gowns is wrong. Let me advice you before you regret take those priest head gears and gowns to the nearest Bishop and repent,” Pastor Migwi said in a lengthy post on his Facebook page.

The pastor termed the practice of using clergy clothing for entertainment as the highest level of insult to God.

“Using of clergy clothing’s for entertainment, more so for secular songs and for personal gain, is totally wrong, and it’s time for change. For your information this is the highest level of insult as far body of Christ is concerned,” he said.


The pastor further warned such artistes that they are only attracting curses upon themselves through their actions.

“Am warning you misguided entertainers, you are attracting curses upon your life and your generations to come, I know you’re after fame and money but you’re completely lost, mark my words, you better repent and break the curses, God is never mocked,” he said.

Pastor Migwi further pointed out that even in the church, not all ministers of the gospel wear such clothing and that there is a procedure to be followed before anyone wears priestly gowns.

To drive his message home, the man of cloth shared Bible verses that narrate the downfall of King Belshazzar (Daniel 5:1-6) and how King Uzziah attracted a curse by doing the work of a priest (2 Chronicles 26:16-19).