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Patient causes drama after realising he chopped off his manhood

By MARY WAMBUI February 19th, 2016 1 min read

A man who chopped off his manhood and attempted to cut off his wife’s breast last week caused drama at Thika Level Five hospital on Thursday when he realised that his genitals were missing.

Mr Duncan Musweti, 24, is said to have attempted to escape the hospital screaming but the nurses managed to get hold of him.

The hospital’s senior-Nursing-officer Catherine Mwihia, said Mr Musweti seemed to be living in denial of his current state.


“He has successfully undergone a reconstructive surgery at the hospital but could be suffering from mental instability. He is currently on psychotropic medication,’ said Mrs Mwihia.

Doctors had put a catheter on his genitals to allow him pass urine without difficulties after they were unable to fix back the completely severed body part.

Mr Musweti allegedly committed the act on Friday night on grounds of alleged infidelity on the part of his wife Maureen Achieng.

After an argument, an angry Musweti woke up later that night and unsuccessfully tried to chop off his wife’s breast before venting his fury on his genitals.

Speaking from his hospital bed, a remorseful Musweti said that he does not know what drove into the act.