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Paul Kagame defends Rwanda in DR Congo war stance

Rwanda President Paul Kagame maintains Rwandans are victims and not oppressors in the ongoing war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The Head of State spoke while officiating a special seating of the Senate and stressed that Rwandans have been greatly affected by the war in neighbouring DR Congo.

“This country has gone through so much, we have seen so much, and the only thing that came out of it is that we are as solid as a rock,” said Kagame.

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The tough-speaking President also said his country has been hosting refugees from DR Congo for the past two decades, and hinted that that could stop.

“We cannot keep hosting refugees. This is not Rwanda’s problem. And we are going to ensure that everybody realizes that it is not Rwanda’s problem. I am refusing that Rwanda should carry this burden.”

Rwanda has consistently been accused of supporting M23, a militia group fighting President Felix Tshisekhedi’s government.

The USA, in reaction to a United Nations report, publicly warned Rwanda to stop aiding M23 rebels.

And EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell recently joined in on urging Rwanda to ‘stop supporting the M23 and use all means to press the M23 to comply with the decisions taken by the East African Community’ at a November summit in Angola.

Kagame has repeatedly denied these claims.

Kenya is among the countries that have sent soldiers to try and diffuse tension and restore peace in Goma town in the country. Presifdent William Ruto said in a recent interview that a peaceful DR Congo will be of much help to the Great Lakes region,

Mineral-rich DR Congo has known no peace for the better part of the past three decades with militants consistently fighting the government.

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