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Paul Muite: Ignore the rumours, I’m well and in very good health

Senior Counsel Paul Muite has denied reports that have been widely circulated on social media that he is sick with cancer.

In a tweet, Mr Muite dismissed the claims saying that he was not suffering from cancer as has been reported.

“Reports on social media that I am sick with cancer are not true. Given my age, I have to shed off weight on purpose to keep sugar levels where they should be otherwise I have never felt better; I enjoyed one and a half hours jogging in Ngong forest this morning,” Muite tweeted.

On Friday morning social media was awash with messages and images which gave the impression that the Nairobi-based lawyer is ailaing.

The photo that sparked the rumours captured the second liberation hero alongside an identified woman.

Muite’s sentiments on Twitter were backed by his professional colleague Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi, who said Muite is doing well and in very good health.

“I have known Mr Muite for 30 years and meet him regularly on a weekly basis and was dismayed and utterly disappointed with the malicious rumours on his health. Paul is in very good health,” Ahmednasir said.

The first person to share an image of the lawyer was ODM leader Raila Odinga’s presidential secretariat spokesman Prof Makau Mutua who said he had met and taken lunch with Mr Muite.

Consumer Federation of Kenya (Cofek) secretary-general Stephen Mutoro also said he has been in contact with Muite and that he is in good health.

“I have contacted SC, Paul Muite. He is well attending a wedding ceremony. Please ignore the false rumours on social media. He is a second liberation hero, a great lawyer, politician and a great patriot. I wish him well, Mutoro tweeted.

It is worth noting that Mr Muite is a well-respected and celebrated lawyer. He has also done a lot on matters of politics in the country.

He is the founding chairman of the Safina Party of Kenya and also served as a Secretary General of Ford Kenya Party.