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Pauline Njoroge blasts Lang’ata lawmaker Jalang’o for ‘kind’ gesture

Langata lawmaker Phelix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o, has come under fire from Pauline Njoroge, a Jubilee Party allied digital strategist.

Njoroge expressed her disapproval after a viral video emerged showing Jalang’o paying bus fare for his constituents heading to town.

She raised concerns about the MP’s recent support for the Finance Bill, which has increased the prize of petrol and contributed to the high cost of living in Kenya.

In a tweet directed at Jalang’o, Njoroge highlighted the irony of his actions and questioned the sustainability of his philanthropy towards his constituents.

She pointed out that the MP had supported the increase of fuel prices to Ksh 195.53 through his vote in parliament, thereby affecting the cost of public transportation.

Njoroge questioned how Jalang’o would be able to finance daily fare payments for his constituents and how many people in the entire Lang’ata constituency he could cater to on a regular basis.

“You go to parliament and vote for fuel prices to be increased to Ksh 195.53, therefore affecting fare prices. Afterwards, you go hopping from one matatu stage to another, paying fare for people.

How long will you sustain this, and in the entire Lang’ata constituency, how many people can you cater for every day? This is madness!!” Njoroge tweeted.

Her criticism comes in the wake of the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) revising fuel prices, resulting in a significant increase.

With a 16 percent Value Added Tax (VAT) taking effect, EPRA announced a rise in petrol prices by 13.49 Kenyan shillings, diesel by 12.39 shillings, and kerosene by 11.96 shillings in Nairobi.

Check comments from Pauline’s tweet:

In September, 2022, in a display of compassion and support for his constituents, Jalang’o extended a helping hand to the residents of Silanga following a devastating fire incident in Lang’ata constituency.

The MP facilitated the affected individuals with construction materials and offered some form of compensation to assist them in recovering from their losses.

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