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Pauline Njoroge: Kenya Kwanza offered me Sh500,000 salary to join them

Pauline Njoroge, a Jubilee Party allied blogger who was recently appointed Deputy Organising Secretary for Jubilee Party by party leader Uhuru Kenyatta, has sensationally claimed that the Kenya Kwanza government offered her a monthly salary of Sh500,000 for her to switch camps.

Ms Njoroge made the revelations during a heated online exchange with Silas Chepkeres Jakakimba, a former aide to Raila Odinga who has since decamped to the government’s side.

It all began when Ms Njoroge shared an opinion on her social media accounts about shortage of money in Kenya to cater for children, the sick and the old.

Jakakimba responded to her in six points while defending the Kenya Kwanza government.

My sister Pauline Njoroge: 1.It is on record, and this was during the handshake, that President Kenyatta publicly declared that under his watch, the country was losing Sh2 Billion per day to corruption (over Sh700 Billion per year).

“2. Servicing of the unsustainable debt burden left by former regime has occasioned a huge debt distress on the country. A larger chunk of revenues go into debt service – and as you know, most of these loans matured earlier this year. You know the consequences to the country that come with default of matured loans.

“3. My take is that whereas the Finance Bill has to run through the furnace of Parliamentary debate, the most urgent issue in this country today is we need a unified front on how to handle the (cancerous) debt burden. The debt portfolio as it is is unsustainable and the National Treasury is choked.

“4. Until we push for debt restructuring and a review of the tax administration regime as it were in a manner that doesn’t affect consumption power, tough times ahead but remember President William Ruto was sworn into it. He needs support to implement strategies aimed at plucking the country out of that hole inherited from his brother, (former) President Kenyatta.

“5. The subsidies question has been unpacked enough times and the jury is out whether focus should be on subsidizing production or consumption- so I leave it for now.

“6. We all gain if the economics work. We collapse, all of us, if it doesn’t.”

Not one to back down, Ms Njoroge wondered how the government is lacking finances when they were ready to give her money to cross over to their camp.

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My brother Silas Jakakimba, you are here claiming how the previous regime left a big financial hole which Ruto is trying to fix, yet last week you and your very senior friends is government were offering me Sh500,000 per month to cross over? Where was that money going to come from if the country is in a financial hole? You should just have kept off this topic because me and you know the truth,” said Ms Njoroge.

Ms Njoroge is one of the prominent bloggers aligned to Jubilee Party and the larger Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Coalition headed by Raila Odinga, Jakakimba’s former boss.

Nairobi News recently reported that Kenya Kwanza bloggers have been left disgruntled by the government’s move to entice their rivals in Azimio with goodies.

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Case in point is when several bloggers allied to Azimio received invites to attend the Madaraka Day event in Embu County’s Stadium and thereafter a garden party at the Regional Commissioner’s Residence. Among those who received these invites included Pius Kinuthia who unsuccessfully contested for Murang’a Senatorial seat on an ODM ticket in last year’s polls, and Jane Kyalo.

Among those who cried foul over these Azimio allied bloggers gaining access to top government events was Kenya Kwanza blogger Bianca Naomi who claimed they were reaping where they did not sow.

“Another day for Azimio bloggers to reap where they didn’t sow! They’re now enjoying the Madaraka we fought for! They’ve received invitation cards as Kenya Kwanza bloggers watch the Madaraka Day event on TV. A government we fought for showing us the middle finger? Very sad,” Ms Bianca lamented.

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