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Pauline Njoroge: Why I turned down Sh500k opportunity to blog for Ruto

Hours after claiming top Kenya Kwanza government officials had been wooing her to the government side from the Jubilee Party/Azimio Coalition with a pay of Sh500,000 a month to do communication strategies for them, Pauline Njoroge returned to explain why she turned down the opportunity to become a President Ruto allied blogger.

“Good morning! There is this HNIB (Hustler National Intelligence Bureau – an unofficial blogging camp) fellow who was employed in State House a few months ago as a social media influencer, but can hardly write one grammatically correct sentence unless it’s drafted for him. To counter my exposé yesterday, he posted something drafted for him, claiming that Wahome Thuku and I had been seeking government jobs/engagements. After he was told off on Facebook, he pulled down the post and took the poor spin to Twitter,” Ms Njoroge said.

“Let me say this with all humility, if I wanted to be in this government I would be by now, and God in heaven bears witness to this. For the last 3 months there has been concerted effort from a few quarters to reach out to me and have me convinced to join the government side, to provide social media support and also make it easier for them on this space. But my position has been very clear in all these conversations,” she said.

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“I strongly opposed Ruto during last year’s campaign. I believed everything I said he was, and as we speak, he has not proved me wrong. So, how can money change this conviction. How can I be part of a people who look for every opportunity to badmouth Uhuru Kenyatta, and keep using him as an excuse as to why they are unable to deliver for Kenyans yet they are the ones in power?,”  she explained.

Ms Njoroge further reiterated her unwavering loyalty to retired President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“I am a communicator, what would I be communicating about this government in terms of delivery, real stuff not propaganda and wishful thinking? Wahome also laughs very loudly every time someone claims he can join this government,” she said.

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This comes after Ms Njoroge’s revelation that the Kenya Kwanza government offered her a monthly salary of Sh500,000 for her to switch camps.

Ms Njoroge made the revelations during a heated online exchange with Silas Chepkeres Jakakimba, a former aide to Raila Odinga who has since decamped to the government’s side.

“My brother Silas Jakakimba, you are here claiming how the previous regime left a big financial hole which Ruto is trying to fix, yet last week you and your very senior friends is government were offering me Sh500,000 per month to cross over? Where was that money going to come from if the country is in a financial hole? You should just have kept off this topic because me and you know the truth,” said Ms Njoroge.

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