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Peaceful co-parenting: A man’s guide to ensuring harmony among his babymamas

By Winnie Mabel October 30th, 2023 2 min read

Recently, dear readers, many of you must have witnessed Tanzanian superstar singer Diamond Platinumz jetting around with his children from two different baby mamas- Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan’s and Kenyan musician Tanasha Donna’s children. On the flight with him was also his currently girlfriend, his Wasafi Records signee, Zuchu.

The videos were a sight to behold because history has it that Diamond’s several babymamas across East Africa including Tanzanian video vixen Hamisa Mobetto (the one he cheated on Zari Hassan with) and Tanzanian musician Hawa rarely see eye to eye and this can obviously attributed to Diamond’s wayward behaviors.

But on this one occasion, the village witches must have smiled on him because he managed to get both Zari and Tanasha to send their kids over to him for some bonding time, and Zari went as far as calling Tanasha’s son her own in one of her Instagram videos.

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See, no matter what happened, for the sake of the children, it is always necessary for a father to be on the same page with the mother, no matter how many they are. While Diamond has his flaws, continues to have drama with Hamisa over her son’s DNA and is being watched on whether Zuchu will be his next baby mama, he did do something right in brining harmony between the two ladies and getting the three kids to recognize, learn and spend time with each other considering their geographical locations and nationalities.

So then, how can a father go about ensuring harmony among his several baby mamas for a peaceful co-existence and co-parenting?

  1. For lack of a better method, a common WhatsApp group might be an unorthodox solution. This will allow for open and timely communication so that all the women know what to expect from him and when. Scheduling visits with the children will also be easier and the baby mamas can be on the same page about what to expect for their children as opposed to imagining a co-baby mama is getting better attention and favors over her.
  2. Still on matters communication, the father must always initiate clear and open communications, discuss expectations and boundaries with each of them as well as how they will share parenting responsibilities.
  3. Baby daddy extraordinaire must also practice consistency. His parenting style, discipline and support must be consistent among all the children, no favors because of the relationship dynamics with his baby mama.
  4. Baby Daddy must also establish a neutral ground where he will be spending time with his children and meeting the baby mamas to handle important family matters. All baby mamas must feel that they are on neutral ground and neither will have the upper hand on the other or suddenly find out their kids are being taken to a different baby mama’s house so that he can also spend time with her children. This can be done by him owning a separate house from all his baby mamas or current woman. A peaceful and content baby mama is a sane baby daddy at the end of the day.
  5. By the grace of God (or the higher power he believes in), he must strive to encourage his baby mamas to look out for and support each other as co-parents. The children are more important than the dynamics of the parents’ relationships. These children will meet in the future as adults and one can only hope they would have great sibling relationships especially if they are an only child.