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How to obtain permit to make noise in Nairobi

Not people may be aware of this, but noise pollution permits are a must have if you are holding an event in Nairobi or any other county.

The permit ensures your music is not cut off by the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) officials as you already sought permission to make noise.

Weddings, parties and concerts require this permit if they are being held in open grounds that are near commercial or residential areas.

Your grounds contact person is usually in a position to advise if you require the permit for your event.

Nairobi News went out to experience what it is like obtaining the permit to make noise within the city during a wedding.

First it is important for us to mention that the function has been devolved and is not done at Nema headquarters but county governments.


For Nairobians, one would be required to start the process from City Hall Annex building 3rd floor at the environment office, a door labeled “Noise Pollution Unit.”

Here you will find a county officer who will enquire if you have any contract with the venue where the event is being held.

You will then fill an application form and will be given a note indicating that you are to make a payment for noise pollution permit.


You will proceed with the note to City Hall’s Cash Office where some officers seated next to the door will write down an account number.

The account number indicated in your slip will be used to pay the Sh2, 200 required for the noise pollution permit.


You will be directed to Co-operative Bank City Hall Branch where there are some ladies seated in a line within the banking hall receiving any City Hall payments being made via Jambo Pay.

The officer will key in your account number, name and phone number and process a bank slip that you will need to make a photocopy of and return the slip to City Hall’s cash office.


At the cash office, you will be issued with a county government receipt at counter 3.

If your payment was not made through Jambo Pay and was a direct deposit to Co-operative Bank, you will be required to first queue at counter 1 for verification stamp before coming to counter 3 for the receipt.


Now take back the copy of the bank slip and a copy of the contract you signed with the venue to the Noise Pollution Unit at City Hall Annex 3rd floor.

You will be told to come back the next day after 2pm.