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Pesa otas! Check out Sandra Mbuvi’s Sh99k fashionable ensemble

By Winnie Mabel January 25th, 2023 2 min read

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko is renowned for his flashy lifestyle. He dresses in expensive brands, drives expensive top of the range vehicles, seems to love anything in gold – from jewellery to his toilet- and enjoys living large.

It would appear this flamboyant lifestyle has rubbed on one of his daughters, Sandra aka Thickyy Sandra, because money appears to be no object for the Mbuvi family.

Her Instagram account is full of videos of herself with friends forming vehicle convoys consisting of expensive cars as they head out to chill in exclusive spots, spotting the latest gadgets, showing off her outfits and singing along to songs as she shows off her hair and makeup.

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Welcome to the world of rich kids of Instagram, Kenyan chapter.

In a recent Instagram question and answer session, the price of her fashionable looks was brought up and it was astounding how much she spends to look good.

A screenshot from Thickyy Sandra’s Instagram conversation with one of her followers. PHOTO | COURTESY

“How much was the brown hair and where did you get it?” asked one of her followers.

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To this Thickyy Sandra responded, “Hey, I texted you back. It was 85k.”

A scroll through the seller’s account did not reveal any information on the price of her wigs but in the hashtag section, they added #hdlacewigs. High Definition (HD) Lace Wigs are the top tier hair in the wigs and extensions market. Hair enthusiasts and marketers say a HD Lace Wig is a royal lace material that is also called Swiss lace, and is invisible when applied to the scalp.

HD wigs are known to last for over 12 months when worn daily and up to 36 months when worn occasionally. These, and silkiness, smoothness and softness in the hair strands are among the reasons why this high definition hair fetches high prices.

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In the same photo in which Sandra showed off her wig, she wore a pink floral dress that fetched quite the amount.

Nairobi News researched and discovered that the dress she had on was a fuchsia multi wrap summer dress by Obsession and it sells for $119 (Sh14,798). Obsession is an Illinois, United States of America based boutique that hand selects fashion and art pieces from all over the world.

A fuchsia multi-wrap summer dress by Obsession which retails at $119 (Sh14,798). PHOTO | COURTESY

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