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Peter Kenneth denies being funded by Muranga billionaires

By FAITH NYAMAI February 6th, 2017 2 min read

Nairobi governor hopeful Peter Kenneth has dismissed reports that he is being funded by Murang’a County billionaires.

Mr Kenneth said he does not have a friend who is a billionaire and the allegations are mere propaganda.

“I have never seen a billion with my own eyes. So for someone to claim that I am being funded by some billionaires they do not know what they are talking about,” he said.

Mr Kenneth, who was speaking at Bahati Presbyterian Church on Sunday, said the rumours were being engineered by Governor Evans Kidero and his deputy Jonathan Mueke.

“People are tired of the kind of leadership in the city and that is why others like Kidero and his deputy are panicking,” he said, adding that he did not know any billionaires.

“If you see the way the ground is, you will tell that people are tired of the kind of leadership they are being offered in the city.


“And that’s why people from all corners and others like Kidero and his deputy are panicking,” he said.

He said he is better than Dr Kidero because he can develop the county.

Mr Kenneth said Governor Kidero has neglected key sectors such as education and health; saying the city needs a new leader.

“When I speak about issues, people personalize them. Our city has never been worse as it is today and therefore people need a change,” he said.

Last month, Dr Kidero teased Mr Kenneth saying he is not fit to be a leader because his ambitions have been on a downswing – from seeking the presidency to now wanting to be a governor.

The county boss had said: “My friend I want you to be careful because at the rate at which you are going for smaller positions from presidency to governor you will soon find yourself vying for [an] MCA seat.”

Governor Kidero said he is confident of being re-elected.