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Peter Salasya responds to critics after climate change ‘interview’

Mumias East Member of Parliament, Peter Salasya, found himself in the spotlight on September 4, 2023 as he responded to criticism over his recent statements concerning climate change.

The youthful lawmaker, known for his candid approach to issues, addressed his critics on September 5, 2023, with a statement that raised eyebrows.

Salasya, seemingly unfazed by the backlash, challenged those who were criticizing him to test their political prowess by running for office, particularly highlighting their excellent command of the English language.

He emphasized that Kenyan politics primarily revolves around local issues, and he was elected to represent his constituency, not to engage in discussions about climate change.

“All those criticizing me on Twitter on how I responded on #spm about #climatechange. Let them go with their English and vie for office to become MPs in their constituencies. Politics ni local wakwende na kizungu Yao. I was not elected to talk about climate change, muskie.”

The controversy began when a viral video showed the MP struggling to articulate a coherent response when asked about his plans to champion climate change.

He acknowledged the reality of climate change, citing global warming, but appeared to have difficulty elaborating on the subject.

Salasya shared an anecdote from a recent trip to Mombasa, where he inquired about the unusually cold weather.

He was told that excessive sunlight was causing ice to melt, which, in turn, was leading to colder temperatures.

“I think I was in Mombasa last week and it was so cold and I asked them what was not happening. “They told me it’s because of…ati jua imekua mingi, ice inamelt. Ikishamelt so nini inakua baridi, hio nini,” Salasya said.

His remarks sparked both criticism and amusement among social media users.

When asked about his efforts in promoting climate change awareness, Salasya mentioned his role as a representative of rural constituencies, emphasizing the importance of transitioning from traditional firewood use to modern, efficient cooking methods like “Koko Jiko.”

“Being from the rural constituencies, they use most of the time kuni and now we are advocating for use Koko Jiko and other things like those ones,” Salasya said.

Social media users had mixed reactions to Salasya’s statements.

Some criticized his perceived lack of understanding, while others defended him, highlighting that he did make some valid points regarding changing weather patterns, deforestation, and increased precipitation in Mombasa.

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