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Petrol station apologises for selling contaminated fuel

A Nairobi filling station on Monday publicly apologised to motorists whose cars developed mechanical problems as a result of contaminated fuel.

In a public apology published on Daily Nation, the management of Astrol Petrol Station admitted that on January 21, motorists who fueled at the station reported operational problems with their vehicles.

A subsequent probe revealed that the incident was as a result of contaminated fuel sold at the Mlolongo station.

“Initial investigation conducted by the Energy Regulatory Commission and ourselves indicates that the contamination was accidental during loading of the product at the Petrolcity Konza Oil Terminal and/or offloading product at the Astrol Petrol Station Mombasa Road,” read the apology in part.

The management stated that it had identified all the affected motorists and attended to them.

It described the saga as an isolated and regrettable incident and assured motorists that they are committed to offering quality products and services.

The incident, first highlighted by Citizen TV, revealed that about 10 motorists had been affected and it was a particular pump that contained the contaminated fuel.