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Phantom X, Tecno’s first premium smartphone, is here

Phantom X, Tecno’s premium flagship smartphone, which targets the mid-to-high-end market, has been launched.

Tecno’s journey to a premium reflects the new trend of current competition of peers in technology, design details and overall user experience.

Consumer behaviours will change with time, but the core is always the same — the pursuit of beauty and a better life.

Smartphones are the most used portable devices nowadays, which require a more ergonomic design that is practical and stylish with exquisite details.

Premium flagship should therefore make breakthroughs in design with exquisite details, as is the case with the newly-launched Phantom X.

Post near a hundred testing trials, a huge and flexible 70-degree curves, industry leading 3D borderless screen with borderless display and a golden grip of 36.5-degree have been implemented on Tecno’s newly flagship.

These new features will guarantee users the most comfortable experience in the palms, while providing the unbounded visual experience.

Phantom X also replaces the universally used mobile phone back cover with an industry leading silk glass etched texture that almost doubles the challenge of production. But the intensified efforts are totally worth it due to the premium flagship quality that Tecno has promised to meet for customers.

Without a doubt, the camera is an essential feature of any smartphone in current times. Tecno are an actively innovative, international brand dedicated to elevating smartphone photographic technology to another level.

Tecno have successfully incorporated the most impactful digital trends dominating today’s markets in their latest flagship device, the Phantom X.

Phantom X features an elegant design of 3D borderless screen and the industry’s first silk glass back cover. The combination of the 50MP ultra-night camera and the industry’s leading 1/1.3 super large senor, 48MP ultra-clear selfie camera with 105°ultra-wide angle, not to mention the AI-assisted super night mode and 50mm golden portrait, provides a big leap in camera performance.

Powered by a 4700mAh, 256G+8G large memory and a newly-updated HiOS 7.6 system, Phantom X empowers and supports every experience of your life and work.

Tecno believes, while continuously satisfying consumers’ high standards for technology experience and exquisite design, the premium flagship also differentiates with its exclusive concentration on exploring new demands of premium markets in the ever-evolving social context.

Tecno accurately identified and provided a premium service in data security and privacy protection by introducing newly launched Phantom X.

Committed to bringing users bold and extraordinary innovations in design and technology, Phantom X comes in two classical colours: Van Gogh’s Starry Night Blue and Monet’s Summer Garden.

Van Gogh’s Starry Night brings a stellar display of the mysteriously nebulous sky. Monet’s Summer Garden is a display of warm and exuberant colours. Both are perfect options for bold explorers and innovators.

“With Phantom, rules are challenged, broken, and redefined,” Tenco’s General Manager Stephen Ha said.