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Phase 1 of Sh30 billion Nairobi Railway City project commences

Kenya Railways Corporation on Tuesday commenced initial works on Phase 1 of the Sh30 billion Nairobi Railway City with completion date set for 2030. Phase 1 of the project will entail a footbridge across the Nairobi Railway Yard, New Nairobi Central Railway Station and a public square.

“The pedestrian footbridge across the Nairobi Railway Yard will be all-weather, modern and will be convenient to people living with disabilities,” Kenya Railways Managing Director Phillip Mainga said in a press release.

President William Ruto officially presided over the ground-breaking of the project in December last year at the Nairobi Central Railway station.

He said this will help tackle transport challenges in the city which is designed to position Nairobi as a global commercial hub.

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“It will be a multi-modal, transit-oriented urban development which will exploit the station’s strategic spot to establish itself as an iconic nerve centre for a thriving continental metropolis,” he said.

Under phase 1 Kenya Railways says works will include hoarding and securing the railway station and public park site, detailed drainage overhaul within the Nairobi Railway yard, construction of a new steel locomotive shed at the Makadara Yard and relocation of existing shed at Nairobi station.

Mr Mainga added that works will also include paving of Kenya Railways Headquarters driveway and car park.

“Owing to its strategic location, The Nairobi Central Station area will be developed into an iconic nerve centre for the Nairobi Multimodal Transport System,” Mr Mainga added.

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The multi-modal facility, which will be developed by British architects, will be situated within a 425-acre land piece, of which Kenya Railways owns 292 acres.

The project which is jointly financed with the UK government is backed to make Nairobi a transit hub with diverse transport system, regenerate the area around the station and make the city a leading commercial hub.

The Government of Kenya intends to redevelop the Nairobi Central Railway station and its surrounding areas into an iconic, Multi-Modal, Transit Oriented, Urban Development dubbed “The Nairobi Railway City”.

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