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Phil Karanja: What I’ve learnt from my wife Kate Actress

Kenyan film director Phillip Karanja has revealed what he admires the most about his beautiful and multi-talented wife Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress. The father of two has heaped praises on his wife saying he greatly admires her self-confidence.

While speaking in a recent interview, Phil said that Kate has had a very positive influence on him and seeing her do what she does has enabled him to develop confidence in himself over time.

“One thing I admire the most about Kate is her self-confidence. I think that’s the one thing I have really learned from her. Whenever she develops an idea, she is fast to execute it. I never used to have that confidence and to be honest that’s something that I have had to teach myself, and one thing that has really helped is being close to her, watching her and how she moves,” Phil said.

“Her self-confidence is just on another level. I have seen it work for her and the day I tried her way it worked for me,” he went on.

“I am very intentional about the people I hang around with because it’s said that your network is your net worth and it’s not just money-wise, it’s also about mental health and stuff like that,” the former Tahidi High actor

Phil also disclosed that during his childhood he used to have self-esteem issues that made him want a better life for himself, which is why he surrounds himself with people who help him achieve success.

“When I was growing up I never used to have good self-esteem, so I realized I wanted a soft life for myself. I knew I must be successful, and for that to happen I knew I needed to surround myself with winners. I was very intentional with the people I keep around that’s why you see the likes of Abel (Mutua), Njugush (Timothy Kimani) and Kate. Their self-confidence inspires me to get out of my shell,” he said.