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Why this photo of ‘youth leaders’ workshop has landed Shebesh in trouble

Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs Rachel Shebesh is under fire for opening a workshop for the youth leaders who, in the eyes of many Kenyans online, don’t appear young.

Shebesh shared photos of the workshop that was being held at the Kenya School of Government, attracting a serious backlash from Kenyans on Facebook.

Users asked why the workshop was being termed as one for youth leaders while in the photos only old people could be seen.

Some termed it as a common practice in government departments to have a forum organised for the youth with few or no youths present.

Youth in Kenya are constitutionally described as those between the age of 18 and 35.


Caroline Nyambura wrote, “The youths in the pic makes us fell like unfertilized embryos. Or maybe the youths she’s talking about are at heart??? Poooooooo!!!.”

Benson Gatu added, “I hope the above pictured are facilitators and not the youths meant to address youth issues. Some of us are youth leaders in our respective areas though never invited for this forums. All we see are national youth councils with members as old as my mother as officials. This issue needs to be seriously addressed.”

Wa Njiru commented, “We possibly are in the toddlers category if the above are youths. We waste so many resources on non-staters. A good lesson to the youth. Cronies remain as such cronies.”

Nancy Banks retorted, “STOP FOOLING US. Point out a young person behind you all this oldies you’d think it’s an elderly meeting and now u want to tell us they are discussing youth agenda you will never change mlitafuta youths mkapata hawa. GIVE US A BREAK!!!!!”

Anderson Mmayi wrote, “Wow! So many youths in one picture. These are the kind of forums that these young people need. When I grow up I wanna be a youth!!!”