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10 amazing photos of Keroche empire heiress’ after her weight loss journey

By NAIRA HABIB October 21st, 2017 3 min read

Anerlisa Muigai, the daughter of Keroche Breweries founder and owner, Tabitha Karanja has become a source of inspiration to many not only because of being a successful entrepreneur but mainly after she shared with the public her weight loss journey.

Last year Ms Mungai said she made a conscious decision in January and it has been a journey of exercising and clean eating.

She opened up about her struggles to lose her initial weight of 124kg, but her determination to shed off the excess fat helped her to solder on.

The CEO of a still water company has managed to tone down her body sharing pictures of her tiny waist and hour glass figure on her social media platforms.

Here are 10 pictures of her transformation and weight loss journey.

This post is for everyone who called me FAT and also those who said all sorts of hurtful things to do with my weight. You all thought i couldn’t loose weight but now i am healthier and happier than ever.Because of them, i worked my a** off and kept it consistent. Sometimes it’s good to show some people that they don’t always win. Never let your haters win, People will always try to look for things to say to hurt you. Keep your head high and be the winner. *i haven’t forgotten the meal plan, will post it soon in video form and i will also be demonstrating everything step by step. #1yearand7monthsresults #determination #hardwork #proudofmyself #nopainnogain

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This is the reason why after retiring I would like to open an institute that will uplift young entrepreneurs to be what they want to become. Unfortunately most of the youth have so much to offer but always fall short because of no support. A couple of weeks ago I came across this amazing lady’s message that really caught me. What really amazed me was the fact that she went through so much in her life but still did not want to give up… she still remained hopeful of pursuing her design work. Fast forward to today I reached out to @Michellenyambare +254 722 598 687 and helped her realise her dream. All she ever wanted was to make me an outfit and to be honest after reading her story, I was sold. This week she delivered two dresses and I am so happy to have given her a chance. The dresses are great and I look forward to more ankara dresses from her. Thank you Michelle for your kindness and I believe your business is destined for greatness. Its amazing how much we have shared together remembering how scared you were even taking my measurements. I wish you all the best. ? Aner.. Ps. The catwalk is for you Michelle. You should be very proud of yourself and never doubt that you can be whatever you want to be. Have a great weekend.God bless. ? @julianakanyomozi – Right here ?

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Loosing weight is HARD Being overweight is HARD …… It’s up to you to Pick your HARD

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#tbt #motivationtostartjuicing #missiontojuiceforonemonth #veganonmymind

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Always start your day on a positive note 🙂 have a lovely day ahead.

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