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PHOTOS: Showmax series ‘Faithless’ premieres in star-studded event

The highly anticipated premiere of the Showmax series Faithless happened on Wednesday night at Westgate cinemas.

The exclusive event brought together members of the media, who had the opportunity to mingle and interact with the talented cast and producers of the 10-part crime drama series.

Faithless is set in the aftermath of a heist gone wrong and follows the gripping story of four church members who are unwittingly drawn into a life of crime and violence. Their chama, a traditional savings group, is transformed into a money laundering operation by a ruthless crime lord.

The narrative revolves around Esther, a struggling waitress, who stumbles upon the stolen loot and discovers that her brother, Benja, is one of the masterminds behind the heist.

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As Cain, a vengeful criminal who suffered heavy losses in the robbery, relentlessly pursues the money and seeks retribution, Esther and her church friends, Ruth, Hope and Deborah, find themselves facing a moral dilemma.

Will they use the ill-gotten gains for good or succumb to the temptations that come with it?

During the premiere, Abdi Shuria, one of the producers, said the series mirrors the reality of what is happening in the country.

Cast member Rosemary Waweru during the premiere of Showmax series Faithless in Nairobi. PHOTO | ELIZABETH NGIGI

“We all know what is going on right now in the country. We did not have to struggle for ideas,” he remarked.

Janet Chumbe, another producer, expressed her interest in exploring the spiritual aspect of the story.

“This year, the country has had a lot of church issues, and this series will resonate with many people,” she said.

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King Muriuki, a producer on the show, spoke about the high stakes involved.

“Life pushes you in the direction you need to take,” he stated.

Rosemary, a lead cast member known for her role in the Tabasamu show, expressed her excitement about portraying the character of Esther in Faithless.

After a three-year hiatus to care for her two daughters, she expressed her versatility as an artiste, stating, “As an artist, I can play any role.”

Singer Avril during the premiere of Showmax series Faithless in Nairobi. PHOTO | ELIZABETH NGIGI

Singer Avril, who plays the character of Deborah, spoke about the unique experience of acting in the series.

“We are literally friends even off set. I found a family and friends. They needed an actor who could sing, and I wanted to be more than just a singer. I love drama movies, so being part of a similar theme setup was amazing,” Avril shared.

On what viewers should expect from the show, the cast members responded with enthusiasm.

“Expect to see Kenyan talent on a different level. Faithless will become your favorite show. We hope the audience becomes addicted to it,” they exclaimed.

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