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Pickup drivers warned against misusing ‘wide load’ signage

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has said it is not mandatory for pickups to put a ‘wide load’ signage on their vehicles all the time.

The authority, in a statement, said their attention had been drawn to the widespread display of ‘wide load’ signage on the front and rear of the pickups either when load carried does not exceed the overall allowed width or when not carrying any load, contrary to the provisions of the law.

Section 3 (a) of the Traffic Act Cap 403, states that “The required maximum overall width of a motor vehicle together with any load projecting beyond the overall width of the vehicle shall not exceed 2.65 metres.”

The overall length for rigid vehicle is restricted at 12.5 metres, that of articulated vehicles at 17.4 metres, while a combination of vehicles is 22 metres under the traffic law.

The allowable axle load limit on roads in the six-nation East African Community is 56 tonnes, with an additional cargo attracting an overload penalty.


According to Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) Regulations 2013 an abnormal cargo, is one that exceeds the legal load or dimensional limits under the Road Traffic Act.

Trucks that transport abnormal load have chassis, trailer, axles, tyres and trailers customised to suit the specific need of the consignment depending on its length and weight.

NTSA said that owners of pickups whose dimensions do not fall within the category specified by law either loaded or unloaded are therefore warned against displaying the ‘wide load’ signage.