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Picture of donkey hearse breaks Kenyans’ hearts

By Sylvania Ambani September 14th, 2019 2 min read

A family from Nyandarua County has captured the attention of Kenyans following the peculiar mode of transport they used to ferry the body of one of their kin for burial.

The family of the late Alice Njoki Njoroge were forced to rely on donkeys after the hearse that had carried the body from JM Kariuki Hospital in Ol Kalou got stuck in the mud.

According to residents, the county is plagued with poor roads hindering transport by motor vehicles.

Kenyans on Twitter expressed anger, questioning political leaders of the region on why they were not doing their job.

Sammy Mohammed said, “A family in Nyandarua forced to seek donkey services to transport kin’s body home for burial. This was after the hearse that carried the body got stuck in the mud.”

Matu Kamau wrote, “I live in nyandarua n its clear poor roads is a great problem for us farm products r going to waste.”


Eng Mathenge commented, “This is the “triumphant” entry on a donkey that Alice njoroge got for her burial at shamata ward in Nyandarua County. Vehicles were unable to use the roads that are in total mess f, the body had to be carried on a donkey. This is the same region that voted 99% for uhuru Kenyatta.”

George kayman stated, “@NyandaruaCG018Don’t you think you owe Tax payers an explanation.”

Abu Ali said, “Where is this very hardworking Governor.”

Nahashion Njoroge said, “It’s a high time Kenyan be against such government so that those who aspire to be in power to do some development first before securing a vote.”

Nyandarua county Governor Francis Kimemia was recently put on the spot after a short video of him ‘launching’ a murram road set tongues wagging on social media.

The video captures Kimemia, armed with a pair of scissors, ready to cut a red ribbon to officially declare the road open.

However, in a written statement to Nairobi News, the Acting Director – Governor’s Press Service, Mbugua Muchoki, refuted claims that the governor ‘launched’ the road, explaining that he was actually inspecting a number of projects in Nyakio ward.