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Pillar of my life: Ken Okoth showers wife with praise as he battles cancer

Kibra MP Ken Okoth has revealed to friends how his wife’s support saw him sail through the turbulent waters of fighting cancer.

The Kibra MP has just returned from France where he spent five months receiving treatment.

He hosted his boys club over the weekend and shared with them his experiences at the hospital and the big role played by his wife Monica .

His friend and former high school classmate Fred Gori shared pictures of the get together on Facebook .

“Last night, Kibra MP Ken Okoth told us something worth mulling over.”Guys, take care of your wives. You may have a lot of money for treatment but nothing equals a woman who stands by you in your moment of illness”,” posted Gori.

According to Gori, Monica was with Ken Okoth in France for the five months he was receiving treatment.

She took time from work to stay by her husband’s side.