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Horror as pilots fight over food while flying 157 passengers

Iraq Airways has suspended two of its pilots who fought over food while flying 157 passengers from Iran to the capital city of Baghdad.

The incident took place on Wednesday while the plane they were flying was 37,000ft above putting the passengers and cabin crew in danger.

Multiple news agencies have reported that the astonishing cockpit brawl erupted when the co-pilot was trying to get a meal tray from an air hostess.

The pilot stopped him saying meals weren’t allowed in the cockpit without his consent, and as such his assistant hadn’t asked for his permission.

The pilot went on to take his meal and eat it before insulting and hitting the co-pilot, according to the reports.


This prompted the co-pilot to lash out in what he said he had to defend himself.

The scuffle might have gotten worse were it not for a security agent on board who stepped in to intervene enabling them to safely land the plane.

In a letter to the airlines management, the co-pilot said: “Conversation with the pilot became heated because he forbade an air hostess from bringing me a meal tray under the pretext that I hadn’t asked him for authorization.”

Later that day, Iraqi Ministry of Transport posted on its website that it had begun investigation and had also ordered the two to immediately be restricted from flying.

The statement went on to state that the two will face harsh penalties with the possibility of denial of flight for life.