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Pilots strike to cost KQ Sh300m daily

Kenya Airways has said it is ready to negotiate with the Kenya Airlines Pilot Association (KALPA) ahead of their strike scheduled for Saturday, 5th November 2022, from 6 am.

In a statement, the Kenya Airways Group Managing Director and CEO Allan Kilavuka said that the illegal industrial action would cost the airline Sh300 million a day, translating to Sh2.1 billion in one week.

“We cannot overstate the severe economic impact of this action on different sectors and the entire ecosystem reliant on KQ. At a minimum, the unlawful industrial action will cost KQ approximately Sh300m a day, translating to Sh2.1 billion in one week,” CEO Kilavuka SAID.

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The CEO has reiterated that the pilots’ industrial action is unlawful, ill-timed, and unnecessary at this point, as it will delay and disrupt the ability of KQ to recover and eventually get the airline back to meeting all its obligations.

“We are willing and ready to engage with KALPA within the confines of their mandate in an open negotiation to find practical and lasting solutions.”

He said the announced strike is unfortunate and may affect the passengers who may not travel and the cargo customers whose exports will be affected.

“It will greatly inconvenience travelers for business, medical, leisure, and those connecting with their loved ones. This could also lead to huge losses to farmers whose perishable goods are due for export.”

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At the same time, the CEO has said that the unlawful industrial action negates the strides KQ has made this year in improving its financial position following the COVID pandemic that affected the economy.

“It is also counterproductive to the Government of Kenya’s efforts to revive our economy and detracts from current efforts to ameliorate the extremely needy cases of Kenyans suffering from the effects of severe drought. This strike is therefore an unwelcome distraction.”

KQ pilots said they will down their tools following protracted disputes between their union and the carrier’s management.

They also alleged that their concerns have gone unresolved, thus resorting to industrial action.

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