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Pinky Ghelani daughter wows audience at women event

Pinky Ghelani is a celebrated media personality thanks to her inspiring two decade stint in front of the camera and now signs are that she could soon hand over the baton to a safe pair of hands.

At 11, her daughter appears to be following in her mothers footsteps which was evident when she wowed everyone with her speech when accepting her mother’s award at the International Women’s Day celebrations whose theme was to Break The Bias.

Ghelani was honoured at the SBM Bank Women Of Influence awards and she tasked her daughter Ariyana Raj to receive the award on her behalf. The young ones efforts got her a standing ovation.

“My mother as you all know has a passion to empower women and is always encouraging people to use their voice. She wants to say thank you to SBM Bank for her the opportunity to be able to spread the word, the message, far and wide through YouTube. I speak on behalf of the young girls out there through troubling times we need motivation to keep us going,” she said.

She said that through the motivation, they can be able to follow some amazing women in Kenya and Africa who can influence future generations.

She described her mother as the most passionate woman she knows, “I am the person I am today because of her, so on behalf of my mother, thank you SBM Bank for encouraging women and girls to be everything they are meant to be,” she said.

“And one more thing, I encourage you to say and find your voice to speak out on what you think.”

Ms Ghelani was awarded for her efforts on the What Women Want initiative during the pandemic, a move aimed at creating a safe space where women can come together to learn, empower, network, laugh, cry, heal and feel.

“Our last event pre-pandemic was one of our biggest and when we couldn’t do any more events we had to switch it up so we decided to go online,” she said.

SBM Bank was the backbone of the online shows. “Because of them, I managed to have some amazing conversations with women from all backgrounds each doing phenomenal things. These are stories we need to share, these are the stories we need to spread!”

“Ariyana, you make me proud daily and having a standing ovation from a room full of powerful people makes me understand why the future generations will be the change we wish to see,” she explained.

To the guests and audience of this show as well, I hold you in gratitude daily. For everyone who watched, subscribed, commented, shared and came to the events, thank you.