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SNAPPY 7: Pinky Ghelani – Being older than my hubby doesn’t bother me

At 42, media personality, UNHCR and Wanfam Clothing Ambassador, Pinky Ghelani, says there is still more to experience in life. The mother of two spoke to Nairobi News about her life’s journey. Excerpts:

1. Why vlogging and what do you normally vlog about? – I think it’s because of my background in media – television, radio and print. Once the media bug bites, you can’t let it go. It is a great opportunity to have my own voice via vlogging on YouTube. I’m still trying to find my own flow, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

I try to be aspirational and inspirational; to give you something instead of just looking into my life, how you can take nuggets of advice and better your own life.

2. You are married and a mother, tell us how it is with your husband Raj? – Yummy. He is a great guy and I really think that he is one of my biggest blessings. He is very supportive, he has a very great sense of humor which is important. He’s a beautiful father, and it’s just nice.

3. You’re older than he is, was it love at first sight? – Three years older. I’m a cougar. The age difference does not make any difference at all, it never really has. Between him and I, no. If any other people have a problem that’s their problem.

It was pretty much love at first sight. Yeah, it was. When we met, I didn’t know his age, he was in university in the UK and he had come in Kenya for holiday and I was in between jobs and our eyes met. It’s been fabulous!

4. Why did you decide to bank your child’s stem cells? – Stem cell banking is very interesting and I think it is the wave of the future in regards to medicine. Basically what they do is when the baby is born they take the umbilical cord and they bank that. You see, a new born’s umbilical cord is rich in stem cells, the building blocks of life which are abundant in its blood and tissue.

It can help people regenerate if one has debilitating diseases and at the moment they are still doing their research on how many diseases stem cells can heal. The blood and tissue were then labelled and packaged, and then shipped off to a stem cell laboratory in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Editor’s note: Pinky has a 20-year agreement with Netcells Biosciences, the laboratory storing her son’s stem cells. The agreement cost her $3,000 (approximately Sh300,000), and she feels it was worth it.

5. You say that life is about being in the moment, what does it mean and why? – There have been times that I have been forced to be present and in the moment. Some have been great and fantastic experiences and others not so great. My life lesson is that at every given chance you need to be present. Sometimes we forget what is happening; right here, right now, is where you and I are meant to be, to be able to appreciate it.

6. Would you ever go back to TV or radio? – Yes, if I find something that fits, for sure, because that is what made me who I am. It has to make sense to the person who is listening or watching.

7. You have a lot going on how do you unwind and can you say you have lived your life to the fullest? – I take a nice hot bath, play relaxing music, meditate and take a good glass of wine. No, I think a lot of the time I’m cautious. I have enjoyed what I have done.