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Pistol found in Langata bar washroom

A mini Ceska Pistol that was found left inside the washrooms at a bar in Langata has been handed to the Flying Squad.

Police in Langata said no one has claimed ownership of the pistol despite police circulating the serial number which according to police sources, is not in the Central Firearms Bureau’s records.

Langata Divisional Criminal Investigations Officer, Mbogo Mwaura said the pistol was handed over to Flying Squad which will in turn cooperate with the Ballistic experts to establish how the gun has been used in the past.

“The gun was either forgotten or abandoned in the gents’ washrooms at that bar on Saturday night,” Mr Mwaura said.

He said it was hard to immediately establish whether the gun belonged to a licensed civilian or a criminal but police would peruse through the list of civilian firearm holders in the country.


Langata OCPD, Elijah Mwangi said the firearm was discovered on top of the toilet flasher pot after the ‘owner’ had left the bar.

“Police who were called by the staff took the weapon to the police station but by Monday, despite circulating the serial number, no one had come to claim it and so we suspect the owner had it illegally,” Mr Mwangi said.

If the firearms is found to have belonged to a licensed civilian, he May lose his license on grounds of carelessness.

The National Focal Point on Small Arms and Light Weapons, KNFP estimates that there are over 680,000 illegal firearms in the hands of criminals in Kenya.

Last week, KNFP Director William Atswenje Saiya said only 5,000 illegal firearms have been recovered in Kenya since 2011.

The United Nations’ Security Council estimates that more than 50,000 men, women and children are killed each year as a direct consequence of the proliferation of small arms.