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Pitson: I wasted my money on mistresses

Gospel singer Peterson Ngetha aka Piston has shared details of his challenging past, revealing there are times he paid rent for a string of mistresses with proceeds from his songs.

The ‘Lingala Ya Yesu’ hitmaker made the revelations in an interview with Robert Burale’s ‘Oh Men’ show, adding that the decision almost cost him his marriage.

“After the song (Lingala Ya Yesu’ was released, I made a lot of money and it changed my life,” he recalls.

“I spent so much money on other women without probably acknowledging that my immediate family was the priority.”

The popular artist adds that things eventually went south as his wife found out and walked out. She would need soul searching and convincing to return.

Pitson is now a changed man, he says. The singer concludes that he’s learnt to be a responsible husband who practices the virtue of faithfulness.