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Places of worship to be reopened from early next week

All places of worship are to be reopened from July 14, 2020, to allow for proper preparation and implementation of Covid-19 guidelines.

Chairman of the Inter-Faith Council Archbishop Anthony Muheria said that strict protocols have to be adhered to ensure the safety of the congregants.


Bishop Muheria also noted that each congregation should form a Covid-19 response committee that will oversee the implementation of the Covid-19 guidelines.

“The Inter-Faith council now advises that the places of worship may be reopened in the next seven days from Tuesday 14 July 2020. We therefore urge and plead with Kenyans that we open the places of worship in an orderly and prepared way,” Bishop Muheria said.

“We must ensure the safety of each and one of our congregants. The Inter-Faith council will review and advice accordingly in the next three weeks.


“We have encouraged self-regulation and we expect responsibility of the faith leaders in ensuring this is followed, for the safety of our people. Each congregation is advised to form a Covid-19 response committee to help implement and oversee these guidelines,” he added.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday gave the green light for places of worship to be reopened, however, under strict guidelines and protocols issued by the Inter-Faith Council.

Some of these rules include only 100 participants or worshippers to be allowed per worship session which should not last more than an hour.

In addition to this, persons under 13 years and those above 58 years will not be allowed to be among the congregants.