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Planning to date mama’s boy? here are the challenges

By Winnie Onyando September 17th, 2023 2 min read

Numerous psychologists suggest it’s commonly observed that boys tend to be closer to their mothers, while girls often have a closer bond with their fathers.

While many girls grow up to become independent thinkers, men who are overly close to their mothers tend to be problematic in marriages.

When dating or married to a Mama’s Boy (a man believed to be close to his mother), decision-making in that relationship might be very problematic.

The majority of such men tend to consistently consult their mothers even when it comes to private matters.

Janet, a lady who is married to a Mama’s Boy, says decision-making in their marriage is problematic.

“His mother promptly steps in as a mediator. I feel like our relationship lacks privacy. I also have a close relationship with both my mother and father, but I never turn to my father to burden him with my marital problems. I only seek his advice and opinions when the situation is extremely difficult,” Janet told Nairobi News.

Mary also expresses a similar concern.
“I often feel exhausted by constantly hearing about ‘mom this’ and ‘mom that.’ I genuinely care for my mother-in-law, but I sense that I’m sharing my husband with her. He continuously compares my cooking to his mother’s and seeks his mother’s input on our personal matters, and I find this very uncomfortable. We’ve had numerous arguments about this issue, but he doesn’t seem interested in making many adjustments,” Mary shared with Nairobi News.

Although many men boast about being the heads of their families, many women view them as far from this role, as numerous mothers-in-law oversee their sons’ households from the village.

While previous generations taught their sons to be independent and take charge of their families, the current generation struggles due to many children being raised by single mothers.

This dynamic exacerbates the difficulties for daughters-in-law who feel they lack privacy and must share their partners with their mothers.

The ongoing conflict between daughters-in-law and mothers-in-law shows no signs of resolution.

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