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Plastic is not heavy: Vera gets trolled after sharing this picture

Haters have trolled the newest celebrity couple of socialite Vera Sidika and singer Otile Brown after they shared a photo of their baecation in Mauritius.

Sidika shared a picture of Otile carrying her with the caption: “Get you a strong man that can carry you like a little baby.”

But two Kenyans quickly reverted to the old debate on whether the socialite’s well-rounded derriere is natural or has been given some boost through plastic surgery.

Richard Omondi and Magy Njeri quickly commented: “Plastic is not that heavy though.”

Their separate comments have received more than 150 responses from Sidika’s followers. The couple attracted both hate and love from the picture.


Winnie Ashley said: “But the same plastic can buy you & your entire family….plus that “plastic” could afford to pay for the surgery while you can’t afford to pay hata kutibu homa. Jealous shall kill people.”

She adde: “LMAO but why are you using filters if you not trying to change who God created you to grow to be?? Shut up and admit you can’t afford to pay for shit……let pple live their lives, however, they desire.”

Pkariz98 added: “Sasa hapa ndio inasemwa kila mtu atabeba mzigo waake kijana jipe nguvu hapo unakipawa.”


But Sabinah Chelsea defended the couple: “Why are most of you hating on Vera though? If you gat nothing nice to say then shut the f**k up! You should all meet Vera and see how beautiful and friendly she is. Stop hurting her with your insults. It’s not cool.”

Miss Maina Joy added: “Vee let no one tell you no shit….power couple…you found your happiness, it kills them….let them die if need be…this pic is one of the most beautiful thing i have seen today…#teamveebrown.”

The couple is enjoying some good moments in Mauritius.