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Please buy more teargas, today’s is very sweet – Babu Owino

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has charged the police officers to continue using the teargas on Azimio la Umoja supporters.

Addressing Kenyans from Parliament, Owino shared that the officers were doing what they need to do, using taxpayers’ money wisely to disperse the crowds through the use of teargas.

However, he rallied them (protesters) to fight back calling on the police to avoid being misused, yet they have more problems than even the common mwananchi.

“Please buy more teargas we need them. Kwanza ya leo ilikuwa tamu sana na bado tunaprepare (First of all today’s teargas was sweet and we are still preparing for more). We will not relent because of teargas and bullets we will fight back. If you fight us we will fight back,” he said.

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Further, Owino shared that the Azimio team will hold demonstrations every week adding, “Today is nothing but a rehearsal. What we are planning is better imagined than experienced.”

On the other hand, Owino lamented about the arrest of some of the Azimio-affiliated politicians terming it the arbitrary arrest of the party leaders.

“Minority leader Opiyo Wandayi has been taken to Kiambu. We do not know what they want to do with him at Kiambu.” Wandayi is among four politicians who have been arrested following the protests in Nairobi.

Additionally, Owino took a swipe at President William Ruto for not delivering on his promise of not using and misusing police officers questioning why then the police were in the streets dissuading supporters from protests.

Even as the officers continue engaging protesters in a cat-and-mouse chase, Raila Odinga, the party leader’s whereabouts remain unknown. His deputy Martha Karua’s absence in the city center is also loud with the last communication being two and one hours ago.

Mr Odinga assured his supporters that he was on his way, posting a video of Nairobi Senator Edwin speaking at the Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC). Ms Karua on her part shared that President William Ruto was acting unconstitutionally for not allowing protests.

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