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Please help us find our boy, pleads couple

A couple in Mathare North has spent the last 40 days in agony after their first born son went missing last month.

Lewis Ogoncho, 10, a class two pupil at Flying Angels Academy in Mathare North’s Area 2 estate disappeared  from their home a day after this year’s  Mashujaa Day.

And it has been a period of pain for Ongocho’s parents, Geoffrey Ombiro and Elizabeth Kwamboka.

“The disappearance has caused us much suffering. I wanted to send him to his uncle’s  house who lives a 100 metres away,” said Mr Ombiro.

“He told me to first  allow him to relieve himself in the toilet outside. He never returned after that,” the distressed father added.

The boy’s mother, who is taking care of her 10-month-old twins is distraught.

“I cannot sleep a wink. Every time I hear footsteps outside, I raise my head to see if my Lewis is back,” she said.

The father, a security guard in Runda has hardly slept since the day Ongocho disappeared. He spends his night at work and the day looking for the boy.

“I arrive home in the morning, take breakfast and leave the house immediately. Each time I spot a group of small boys in the estate, I stop to look for him,” said Mr Ombiro.


When NairobiNews visited the home on Wednesday morning, it found an anxious couple.

“When we sit here, we only hope he will come back. We are not yet resigned to the thought that he could be dead,” he said.

However, the father says the boy had become withdrawn a few days before his disappearance. Earlier on, he had disappeared for three days.

“He vanished again even before I could find out what had happened,” said Mr Ombiro.

Mathare North, Huruma Police and Muthaiga Police Stations  are yet to receive any information about Ongocho.