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PLO Lumumba asks President Ruto to scale down his motorcade

Former Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission boss Prof PLO Lumumba has asked President William Ruto to down scale his motorcade.

According to Prof Lumumba, the president’s motorcade should not be that opulent yet the country is still grappling with hard economic times.

“I have today on the 20th day, 2023 at 9.40 am along Muthaiga Road seen President William Ruto’s motorcade. With due respect Excellency, reduce its size. It’s too much opulence in the midst of economic difficulties,” Lumumba tweeted.

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The cost of living in the country has skyrocketed in recent months, a situation that has been worsened by the increase in fuel price last week.

Kenya heavily relies on formations similar to the US president’s motorcade. According to security experts, the number of cars and structures is dependent on President Ruto’s itinerary and the level of risk.

Before embarking on the road, the team has to strategize on which routes to take and analyze their choke points, shortcuts, and details such as the sun’s position because direct rays can make it harder to spot threats.

As much as the travel arrangements are meant to keep President Ruto safe, the presidential motorcade is almost a tradition. A symbol of power.

Usually, in President Ruto’s motorcade, there is the route car and pilot car which is usually minutes ahead of the presidential convoy and is supposed to recce the route to be used and provide insights about the road to the rest of the team.

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In most cases, the car is a Mercedes Benz which bears a red banner on its front grille written ‘President’s Escort.’ After the pilot car, there are the sweepers; police motorcycles that follow behind and this team may also comprise officers in cars.

The flashing lights and occasional sirens are meant to keep the road clear so that the whole motorcade can remain at a consistent speed.

Then there is the lead car which is usually the brain of the operation. After it, there is the President’s vehicle, and backup officers’ cars follow it closely. The cars have additional security officers with some in uniform and others in civilian clothes.

After the backup cars, there is the electronic countermeasures vehicle which is used to jam communications and remote detonating devices. Lastly, there are the control and support vehicles which carry leaders and people who are senior and are accompanying the president.

The motorcade also includes an armoury containing weapons, an ambulance, and a vehicle for the communications unit.

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