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Kenyan poet Kapedo hits out at the political class – VIDEO

Kenyan poet, Kapedo Kadima has come out all guns blazing in a hard hitting piece directed at the political class.

Vote Peace is a poem inspired by what Kenya faced during and after the 2007 general elections and also what has been happening ever since.

In the expertly crafted piece, Kapedo brings out the issues of corruption and tribalism.

“This poem is meant to change the mindset of fellow Kenyans to understand that we are one and we go through the same struggles as Kenyans. So before you decide to fight for your leader ask yourself is he fighting for you,” he says.


Kapedo also argues that it’s only the citizens fight but the leaders don’t. The message in his poetry urges Kenyans that it’s time to wake up and embrace each other.

“Don’t vote for a politician who worries about the next election, vote for a politician who is worried about next generation,” he says.

The spoken-word artiste says he is inspired by trending issues and the society at large in a bid to be part of the positive revolution of his motherland.

The wordsmith has previously staged his artistry on major platforms such as Pawa 254, Kijiji Festival and Churchill Show.

In this political season he continues to preach peace through his hashtag #VOTEPEACE, a clarion call for all Kenyans to put Kenya first.