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Poetic AP officer urges youth to ignore anti-IEBC protests

It is not every day that a police officer lays down his baton and tear gas in favour of spoken words to advice youths against lawlessness.

But one Administration Police officer has taken social media by storm with his lyrical advice to the youth not to participate in the weekly anti-IEBC protests.

In a two-minute free-style video, the uniformed officer urges the youth not to allow themselves be used by politicians to distabilise the country.

“I don’t support some police actions, but neither do I support violent mass actions.
Hata kaa navaa uniform, haimanishi sina feelings ama siwezi relate na life ya mavijana.
Sijakam kukupiga na tear gas, nimekam kukupiga na words na zikiingia kwa brain itabidi umetoa tears, na pale mwisho utaniambia cheers,” he raps.

The yet to be identified officer went on to term the IEBC issue as a non-issue to common mwananchi adding that politicians should not make youths to engage in violent protests.

“Ujinga ndio inafanya mahustler wanatembea kalesa kutoka Kibera, anafuata viongozi wakiwa ndani ya mafuel guzzlers.
Anapita makampuni ziko na advert kubwa kwa gate imeandikwa job vacancies, but ufala inamuonyesha placard yake ya IEBC must go.
But acha nikushow hata IEBC wakiondoka kwa hizo viti, replacement zao zitakuwa marelatives wa hao viongozi,” he raps.

He adds that nothing much will change even if IEBC commissioners leave office. Real change, he argues,  is in the votes.

“Badala ya kutumia biceps kutupia polisi mawe, tumia biceps kurushia kura mtu ako na vision na concept,” he stated at the end of his recording.

The video was posted on Facebook on Saturday by Jane Wangechi.

The anti-IEBC weekly protests are scheduled to enter the third round on Monday as opposition leaders push for the removal of the body’s commissioners.