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Pogba’s Kenyan stylists says dyslexia never stopped her from achieving her goals

United Kingdom-based Kenyan entrepreneur Dolly Quinter Mungai has said that her dyslexia never stopped her from achieving her goals.

Speaking during the Nation FM breakfast show, the young, aggressive entrepreneur said that her dedication in life and knowing what she wants to be made her reach her goals.

“Dyslexia never stopped me from reaching where I am today,” said Mungai.

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Kenyan stylist Dolly Mungai
Kenyan stylist Dolly Mungai

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words.

Mungai, who dresses Manchester United’s celebrated midfielder, Paul Pogba, said that she could not be who she is today if she did not have dyslexia.

“Dyslexia has made me see things deeply. I don’t just see things outwardly. I am a deep thinker,” said Mungai.

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Kenyan stylist Dolly Mungai
Kenyan stylist Dolly Mungai

She now says that she wears her dyslexia with pride.

“I am not ashamed anymore. I am comfortable being me and this has helped me so much,” said Mungai.

On the other hand, she reveals that she used to behave badly in school but was an angel at home.

“I was so disruptive in class, and very mischievous in school but an angel at home,” said Mungai.

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Kenyan stylist Dolly Mungai
Kenyan stylist Dolly Mungai

When my mother saw a disconnect in me, she never judged me but took me to a specialist who discovered I had dyslexia.

“My mother is a proud mom now. She is very supportive of me. She never judged me because of my performance in school,” noted Mungai.

The young entrepreneur has called upon parents not to pressure their children but to support them to pursue what they love.

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