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Poghisio: All those Twitter handles with my name are fake

Since Samuel Poghisio’s appointment on Monday as the new Leader of Majority in the Senate, several Twitter accounts bearing his name have emerged.

But now the West Pokot Senator has said he does not have a Twitter account.

Speaking on Tuesday on Citizen TV Senator Poghisio said none of the Twitter handles belong to him.

This is even as Kenyans continue to interact on the page, with many sending congratulatory messages to the ‘Senator.’

He has however promised to set up an account as soon as he settles in his new position as majority leader.

Senator Poghisio added that Citizen TV quoted the fake account in one of their stories as if it’s the Senator’s tweet.


“I have seen people calling themselves all sorts of names I was surprised even on this station that you even brought this up yesterday as if it was from me. None of those is my official Twitter handle and none of those that you have had so far,” Poghisio said.

“Very soon, I’ll be able to show that this is the one that is official as I settle down. I’ve decided not to do anything yet on matters at hand. So all those guys who clone my account and do their own things are doing it so they can get following, I don’t know what they are writing. I hope they don’t write things which are not characteristics of me coming out of my mind. They look like me, they have pictures of me, and they sign in my name, but that’s not me,” he added.

One of the accounts was created in January 2020 and has been active ever since the Senator was named the Senate Majority leader.

The website link is also fake. Once you click it takes you to a page with the message “This site can’t be reached…’s server IP address could not be found.”