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Poison claims emerge amid Louis Otieno ailment

Veteran TV presenter Louis Otieno has bravely shared his harrowing journey of losing his hearing, revealing shocking details of being poisoned during his hospitalization.

In a candid interview with Lynn Ngugi, Otieno disclosed that he underwent multiple MRI procedures, which showed no physical damage to his ears but confirmed poisoning as the cause of his hearing loss.

“What scared me was when I did the procedure. They took a series of MRI’s and somebody came and told me nothing was wrong with my ears. There was no trace of trauma and disease, I was poisoned,” Otieno said.

The TV personality recounted his bafflement at the sudden onset of tinnitus, a condition characterized by persistent noise in the head.

Despite seeking medical advice, Otieno was informed that there was no cure for his condition, leaving him to manage the symptoms.

Otieno’s ordeal began during his hospitalization for a burst pancreas, during which he experienced a rapid decline in hearing.

He recalled a concerning encounter with a nurse whom he suspects played a role in his poisoning.

“When I was in the hospital, a pretty-looking nurse came in and I hadn’t seen her before. She asked me why I had refused to sleep and told me I had to sleep. She switched off my TV, drew my curtains and did something behind me where my drip was coming from. I slept until 7am. When I woke up I couldn’t hear and that’s how I lost my hearing,” Otieno explained.

Despite the challenges, Otieno has shown remarkable resilience and determination to rebuild his life.

After two years of grappling with deafness, he regained his hearing ability.

He said that during the hearing challenge, he also experienced difficulties with balance and mobility, struggling to walk straight or stand for extended periods.

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