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Police accused of torturing woman in custody

Police have been accused of assaulting and seriously injuring a woman while in custody at the Parklands police station, in Nairobi.

As a result, Ida Chema, who is reported to have been arrested for breaking the curfew rules, is now walking with the aid of crutches.

Christopher Mwenda, Chema’s husband, told the magistrate at Kibera law court that his wife developed chest complications at night and he was rushing her to MP Shah Hospital at around 11pm when they were intercepted along Ojinjo road.

Mwenda told senior principal magistrate Esther Bhoke that he pleaded with the police to allow him to drop his wife to the hospital then detain him thereafter but his pleadings landed on deaf ears.

They were both detained overnight and released on police bail on Sunday.

Chema was treated at the hospital on Sunday after they were released and had difficulties walking and standing, and remained seated during proceedings before senior principal magistrate Esther Bhoke.

Her husband availed treatment notes to the court.

The couple was facing charges of defaulting curfew orders but prosecution counsel Nancy Kerubo withdrew the charges.

They were released unconditionally after the state dropped the charges against them.