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Police arrest 35 minors at sex, drugs party

Police on Friday arrested 35 teenagers after finding them at a sex and drugs party in a house at Sange estate, Homa Bay Town.

The 20 girls and 15 boys were apprehended in an operation led by Arujo Location Chief Robert Lango, Homa Bay Township Assistant Chief Duncan Odhiambo and his Arujo Sub-location counterpart Jackton Olielo.

Mr Lango said the teenagers aged between 13 and 17 were found drinking alcohol and smoking bhang. He said several brands of alcohol were found on the floor and on a table in the house.

“We found used condoms which we believe the children used to engage in sex. Six managed to escape when we arrived,” he added.

“Some of the minors were dressing up when we got to the house. They had turned the house into a brothel.”


Mr Lango said a parent rented the house for her two daughters.

Neighbours raised the alarm after hearing loud music.

“I mobilised my team and went to the house. We locked the door and called police officers who came in a vehicle and arrested the children,” he said, adding the owner of the house was also arrested.

They were all taken to Homa Bay Police Station but were later released because of lack of space.

Mr Lango urged parents to closely monitor their children’s movements especially during the holidays.

He added,’ “Men found walking with young girls will have to produce documents to show they are related. We do not condone immorality in this county.

He also told parents that they will be held responsible if their children get pregnant.


Homa Bay Sub-county Police Commander Sammy Koskey said the children and their parents will report to the station on Monday.

“We have summoned their parents. We could not keep them here because of limited space,” Mr Koskey said.

The officer said the owner of the house may be charged.