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Police arrest doctor on suspicion of raping ex after attending bash

February 20th, 2019 2 min read

Police have arrested a doctor working in a Level Four hospital in Meru Central sub county on allegation of having assaulted and raped a 26-year-old woman.

Police seized the man at around 5pm Wednesday as he left his private clinic within Makutano area of Meru County.

The woman had recorded a statement claiming that the medic, who is in his mid-30s had beaten and raped her on Saturday last weekend.

The woman said the doctor stationed at a health facility in Imenti Central (Githongo), held her captive in his house, where beat her up and forcefully had carnal knowledge of her.

She suffered lacerations in the mouth, and severe bruises on the hands, head and legs, which required treatment.


The woman said they have been having a two-month affair with the doctor who is in his early 30’s, but terminated it after he became abusive.

However, on Saturday, the two had attended a party together, since he had promised he would repay some money he owed the woman, but took advantage and ended up forcing her to his house.

“I told him that I did not feel safe but he forced me to his place since I was in his car. I was vulnerable since he owed me money and wanted to talk to him so that he would repay. He had also broken my two phones,” she said.

When she declined to get into the house, the medic allegedly threw her to the ground and started beating her up, while two of his friends watched.


They then carried her to the house where they left the medic with the woman.

“He said he would rape me and no one would believe me because they have been seeing us together and they will not figure out how a boyfriend can rape his girlfriend. He said his friends would also testify against me,” she said.

On Wednesday, the woman who was accompanied by her father and other family members filled a P3 form and took it to the Meru police station.

She carried a torn blouse and panties which she said were destroyed by the doctor.


In the morning, the man tried to hold her captive since her face was swollen and had multiple bruises.

The woman said she escaped after a friend visited the house and she walked out while he was in another room and called her father using a passerby’s phone.

The woman claims that medics at Meru Level Five hospital had informed her that numerous cases of assault against the doctor had been reported.

“I would like to be assisted to pursue justice because I feel helpless. This guy feels like he has so much power and nothing can be done to him. People have been reporting him and would like to put to a stop,” she said.