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Police arrest man suspected of killing friend’s wife

Detectives attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have arrested a a man who accused of raped and killed his friend’s wife in Umoja, Nairobi.

Mr Edwin Onditi Odada is reported to have murdered Ms Pamela Asesa after she welcomed him into her matrimonial home when her husband was away.

A statement by DCI revealed Ms Asesa’s husband Mr James Samson Oduor, returned home at 8pm as usual “tired after a long day of grind, expecting to be received into the warm arms of his lover.”

“The two had been cohabiting at a rented apartment in Nairobi’s Umoja Estate. Oduor, who works at an engineering company along Mombasa road, arrived at his house only to find it inaccessible after having been locked,” the DCI said.

Mr Oduor then decided to wait outside the doorstep hoping that his wife would come in time and open the door.

However, he sensed something was amiss when it took the wife too long to come back which was very unusual.

It is then that he decided to reach out to another friend who quickly showed up and they together broke into the house only to come face to face with the lifeless body of his wife.

“His Fiancé’s lifeless body was lying sprawled on their bed. A T-shirt had been inserted into the deceased’s mouth, while the body had visible scratch marks on the neck, indicating that she had been strangled,” the report further read.

According to the police, Mr Onditi was seen leaving Mr Oduor’s house at around 4pm on the fateful day.

It later emerged that the deceased had at one point told her husband that the suspect once tried to rape her.

The miscreant had been close friends with Oduor and they even resided together in the same house where the beastly act was committed,” the police said.

Detectives in Dandora immediately after getting the information on what had transpired launched a manhunt for the suspect who had gone into hiding.

They tracked her mobile phone which was found in the hands of Mr Samuel Juma Otieno.

Questioned, Mr Otieno quickly directed the police to where Mr Onditi was hiding leading to his arrest.

A close check on the main suspect’s criminal history revealed that he had been sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in Oyugis, Homabay County following a case of defilement filed in 2017.

He was released after a successful appeal in 2020.

“The two were arrested within Tushauriane area in Kayole yesterday and are currently cooling their heels at a Police facility awaiting arraignment,” the DCI said.