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Police arrest man who let 7-year old drive his car

Police have arrested a man whose 7-year-old son was captured in a video driving his high-end vehicle.

Ayub Kinyanjui Muigai, the father of the boy who is said to have let his son drive a Toyota Prado over the weekend will be arraigned in court to answer charges of permitting a person who is not a holder of a valid driving license to drive a motor vehicle.

Muigai was arrested by officers from Kiwara Police Station in Gatanga, Murang’a County on Monday for allowing a minor to drive his car.

A video of the seven-year-old boy steering the luxury vehicle set tongues wagging after it went viral on social media.

The video showed the minor effortlessly and expertly driving the vehicle at Delview Park area in Thika.

It is also alleged that the boy drives himself to school.

The video sparked mixed reactions from Kenyans online, with some lauding the boy for his ‘expertise’ while others castigated his parents for endangering his life and that of other motorists.

The boy, in the video, is approached and greeted by a concerned citizen and inquiries from him if he is really the driver of the car.

The boy who is seated on the driver’s seat responds with “Yes.”

The man then proceeds to tell him to prove it and the boy drives a few metres ahead, to the man’s amusement.

The law in Kenya requires one to be at least 18 years to acquire a driving license.