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Police arrest masons using soil for cement

November 16th, 2013 1 min read

Police on Friday arrested construction workers who were building two upper floors of a storeyed building in Huruma using soil as cement.

The workers had already built two floors using soil to join together blocks of curved stones

Part of a wall of the 4-storeyed building had already crumpled on Thursday evening, destroying two adjacent building. No one was injured.

The owner of the house, Margaret Magere, seemed unmoved by the risk she was placing her tenants in. She refused to comment on the matter.

She lives blocks away from the ill-fated building.

Administration Police attached to the Huruma chief’s office arrested the construction workers following complaints from residents in the Cassanova area.

“I thank God we were out of the when the incident happened. Everything that we had got destroyed inside,” said Mr Nelson Saisi.

“Construction stones usually fall on us. We have severally spoken with the owner but we have not been listened to. We could not be alive if it happened at night,” he said.

All extensions and modifications on building must be approved by the City’s planning department.