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Police blasts NTSA officers, civilian driver in viral road rage video

By Winnie Mabel October 13th, 2022 2 min read

On October 12, 2022, a video of National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) officers chasing a small, white vehicle went viral online in Kenya.

In the video, the NTSA officer attempted to use their vehicle to stop the civilian vehicle on the road that goes along the Rift Valley escarpment in Nakuru County.

Rather recklessly, the NTSA vehicle swerved behind and to the side of the civilian vehicle while using the wrong side of the road at times; and still, the civilian vehicle would not stop.

At times, the white car would go off-road in an effort to avoid being hit by the NTSA vehicle.

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It was also evident in the video that the NTSA officers were distracted as one officer could be seen leaning out of the front passenger window and angrily motioning his hands at the civilian driver as their chase went on for a while.

The chase went on past Naivasha town to a point where the civilian driver opted to closely drive behind the NTSA vehicle to avoid being captured. It remains unknown how the chase ended as the three-minute clip came to an end.

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Many who saw the video took sides over the conduct of the two drivers on a major, busy highway.

“This is wrong. One needs to obey the law and by extension, the police. Two police should not do this drama, just copy the registration number (of the vehicle) and meet in court.

But of course, you and I know the police are interested in extorting them. What do you expect from the Kiganjo D minus. It is pathetic,” said Don Birisi Hesborn.

“Only in Kenya where the lawbreaker is chasing the police,” added Sal Raj Mumani.

“They should have taken the car registration and avoided the risky chase,” said Ondicho Ondicho.

“Where are we going as a country? Where is our respect for authority? Where is our conscience? Where is our dignity? Where is the full video?” asked Collins.

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On October 13, 2022, the National Police Service issued a statement regarding the viral road rage chase.

“Attention of the NPS is drawn to a clip in which a law enforcement patrol vehicle performing traffic duties is seen in a hot pursuit chase of a private saloon car. We acknowledge that the essence of road safety is to promote sanity and responsibility whilst on public roads and this is the basic expectation of all motorists and road users, police included.

As we continue to review the incident for corrective action, we condemn the irresponsible behaviour. Motorists are cautioned to at all times adhere to the rule of law to ensure their safety while on the road,” read the NPS statement.

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