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Bomb squad detonate explosive in Mlango Kubwa

Bomb experts on Wednesday detonated an explosive that was planted at a bus stage, outside an Ethiopian Restaurant,  in Mlango Kubwa.

The explosive, according to police officers, had been planted in a ditch early Wednesday morning by three people who were seen by residents.

“Some two residents informed the police and we incorporated the services of the Bomb and Hazadrous Disposal Unit,” Nairobi County Deputy Police Commandant Moses Ombati said.

Mlango Kubwa Chief Mariam Doka said residents had reported that early morning three men were seen burying unknown material by the roadside.

“The residents said the people had not been in branded dust coats of any company and that some wires protruded through the ground,” she said.

Police moved in immediately they were informed and protected the area as they waited for bomb experts.

Before detonating the explosive, more than 100 armed security officers drawn from the General Service Unit, Regular Police, Administration Police and Flying Squad secured the scene to stop onlookers from getting nearer.

They also blocked Juja road and diverted vehicles to alternative routes.

At exactly 12:34 pm, the detonation was done by the experts led by Mr Eliud Langat.One officer from the Bomb and Hazadrous Disposal Unit who wore heavy protective gear unearthed the explosive.

A loud bang rang through the air, accompanied by a cloud of smoke, when the explosive was detonated. No one was injured during the procedure.

“We have collected some components of the explosive and we will take them for testing before we really know what it was,” Mr Ombati said.

The detonation of the device comes just two days after three explosives went off in Eastleigh’s killing six people and seriously injuring several others on Monday evening.

The Monday attacks occurred at Sheraton Cafe and The New Kwa Muzairua Super Grill Centre along Eastleigh’s 11th Street at around 7.30pm.The two cafes are barely 300 metres apart.

On Sunday, a suspected terrorist died in the same estate after an explosive he was assembling went off.