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Police boss promises to take ‘swift action’ on hit and run motorist

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett has succumbed to pressure from social media users following an alleged accident involving a Government vehicle, urging the public to “expect swift action”.

The incident involves a Toyota Landcruiser registration number GKB 037F, which reportedly knocked a city resident and sped off. The victim later died as a result of the injuries sustained.

A Facebook post that first revealed the hit and run accident on Langata road.

“I have noted with concern the alleged hit and run, on Langata road last Friday involving GK 037F. Expect swift action.” Boinett wrote on his personal Twitter page.


This statement attracted prompt congratulatory messages from tens of the senior officer’s followers. He however did not elaborate how “soon” the “swift” action should be expected.

The search for justice on social media was kick started by the user of a Facebook account namely Saida Lulu last Wednesday.

Lulu posted the photo of the partially damaged vehicle followed by the message; “You killed my friend’s girlfriend at a zebra crossing on Langata road last Friday. What were you doing speeding at a zebra crossing. I thought you’re supposed to protect civilians. You ran off after killing her. Impunity is too real. RIP baby gal and go GOK. Stop finishing us”.

Moments later the photo and message went viral on social media.