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Police boss wants death row convicts killed by firing Squad

A senior police officer in Embu has proposed that those condemned to death sentence to be killed by a firing squad.

Embu West police boss Francis Sang also wants death sentence to be carried out immediately a prisoner exhausts any window for appeal for the sentence to serve as a deterrent measure to crime.

He suggested that a special squad be formed to deal with such offenders so as to send a stern message to would be offenders.

Giving his views during a public debate on capital offences and capital punishment at Embu County culture hall, Mr Sang also proposed that terrorism, corruption, defilement and other sexual offences be classified as capital.

His remarks were supported area DCIO Joshua Cheptoo and Administration Police rapid response head Henry Mutuma, who said crime scenes were usually littered with gory images.

“We witness what happens when crime has just been committed. The images we see at crime scenes are usually very disturbing. The death sentence should be carried out immediately one exhausts all appeals,” said Mr Sang.


Mr Mutuma and Mr Cheptoo said crime had evolved and criminals become even more hardened since they believed nothing would happen to them even after being sentenced to death.

“There are people who never reform and pretend to have changed. I once witnessed one pardoned criminal killing 18 villagers,” said Mr Cheptoo.

Residents who gave their views called for inclusion of corruption, sexual offences, terrorism and poaching classified as capital offences.

The members who included officials of councils of elders, village elders and other opinion shapers said sexual offences were on the increase and needed a deterrent measure to curb them.

Kiama kia Nyangi council of elders chairman Richard Muchangi also called for castration of men who defile or rape elderly women.

“I was shocked to hear that a 88-year old grandmother had been defiled by a young man, cases of sexual offences are on the increase. Men who perpetrate such crimes should face capital sentences or even have their sexual organs chopped off,” said Mr Muchangi.

Ms Gladys Mugo, a village elder from Kyeni said she had witnessed many lives of young women ruined by sexual offenders.